November AYGP News – Leadership change

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By AY MultiMedia
November 28th 2019: As the point scoring regattas oscillate between the Western and Eastern Circuits during the season, the leaders also change in the process. By scoring 4 wins in their respective classes, at the Raja Muda Selangor Int Regatta, Rolf Heemskerk’s Farr 40 The Next Factor and Chris Mitchell’s Naut 40 Lady Bubbly become joint ‘Highest AsianYachting Grand Prix Scorers’ at the regatta. After overall IRC victory, at the biennial Hong Kong to Vietnam Race, Sam Chan’s TP52 Free Fire, took the lead from Ray Roberts TP52 Team Hollywood and 2nd overall at the Raja Muda for Roberts Team Hollywood, they regain the lead after contesting two events a piece. Mitchell’s Lady Bubbly have also contested two events on the Western Circuit and climb up into 2nd overall, only half a point in front of Freefire. Check out the current 2019-20 AYGP Rankings, that culminate in the AYGP Skipper and Yacht of the Year awards by clicking on SkipperYachtRegatta and Scoring System.

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