Plastic in the Imus river and oil spill response in the Gulf of Thailand

Welcome to the second PEMSEA e-update of 2020. PEMSEA, together with people, organizations, and governments around the world, has had its operations affected by Covid-19. We encourage all readers to practice best hygiene, safety, and physical distancing measures in dealing with this pandemic. In light of the potential impacts on large groups of people, we are not including upcoming events in this newsletter. We are glad to share the progress of some of our projects, which our staff are endeavoring to continue as best as possible in a manner that ensures their safety and the safety of the communities we work with. In between newsletters, follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@PEMSEA) for the latest updates.

Archive image (in this image of a Congo river)…..BBN Ed.

ASEANO Project on reducing plastic pollution launched in Cavite, Philippines

PEMSEA and partners participated in an Inception Workshop for the Philippine sub-component of the ASEANO project, visiting sites along the Imus river and meeting with local stakeholders. ASEANO aims to develop best practices for plastic waste reduction.


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