www.broadlyboatnews.com is now open to public access

Broadly Boat News

Maritime News Journal of the FIRE Project family of portals

We have now opened www.broadlyboatnews.com to public access




Engineering work is progressing well at present and we were far enough forward today to open www.broadlyboatnews.com to public access. We still have much work to do to this new FIRE Project portal but this will mostly be a case of activating new functionality and databases.

As we move forward, or volunteer team will be working through each of our portals and moving some portals to different servers. This work will largely be invisible other than readers will find more things to read and notice some enhancement to familiar parts of the portals. One early change which will ripple through the portals is an increasing number of hyperlinks below each synopsis news item. This will alert more readers to news postings in their interest area.

We will be posting as news each significant new step in the engineering program, as with the information above. We will also be making a number of presentational changes to www.firetrench.com which will become the primary source of information about the FIRE Project and provide FAQ and similar advisories to help our readers get the most out of the FIRE Project free to read on-line news and information resource.

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