Brest Atlantiques – One month to the start

The Brest Atlantiques race, a 14,000 mile loop which will involve the four trimarans of the Ultim Class 32/33, will start on Sunday 3rd November at 13:02 in Brest. Here is all you need to know in the one month lead up to the great event of the season.

A Sunday at the gateway to the Atlantic.

The start of the inaugural edition of Brest Atlantiques will take place on Sunday 3rd November at 13:02 on the 2 mile strait of Goulet de Brest, between the Saint-Mathieu point and the Toulinguet lighthouse (which will also act as the finish line). The 14,000 mile route which, to this day is the longest course ever organised by Ultim on the triangle Brest – Rio – Cape Town – Brest, is almost totally clear as there are only two geographical markers that the boats must leave to port, the chain of Cagarras Islands, in front of the famous Ipanema beach in the Bay of Rio and Robben Island off the coast of Cape Town, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years.


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