Ambassadors Cup – AY Race Report

Ambassadors’ Cup – All for one and one for all…
Goto AY Race ReportBy AsianYachting MultiMedia
November 2nd: The day started with a champagne and strawberry breakfast, which always brings a different approach to yacht racing. The all awaited spilt between ambassadors and yacht skippers took place, in the early morning draw and everyone set off with great expectations. Twenty five ambassadors in Class 1 for the Ambassadors Cup and the remaining diplomatic staff, in Class 2. This unique event has turned into the biggest informal social event in Singapore’s diplomatic circles and is embarking on its 20th edition. H.E. James Sinclair, Ambassador of Chile and current President of the Ambassadors’ Cup, is yet again at the helm, and present to steer the latest edition to a resounding success. Check out the Photo Gallery

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