Nidec ASI is awarded a €12 million contract for the electrification of the berths in the port of Malta, which will relaunch tourism from a more sustainable perspective

This innovative electrical supply system for cruise ships moored in the port will reduce emissions by over 40 tons a year and lower noise pollution, a benefit to both tourists and the local community

Milan, March 23, 2021 – Nidec ASI—head of the Nidec Industrial Solutions platform belonging to the Nidec Group, one of the groups engaged in restarting the economy with a view to greater sustainability—has signed a €12 million contract with the Maltese company Excel Sis for the creation of a “shore-to-ship” project for the port of La Valletta (Malta). The project will make it possible for cruise ships moored at the five berths to draw from the island’s energy grid the power they require to be fully operative, without having to keep their polluting on-board diesel engines running. This innovative system will make it possible to reduce the emissions of pollutant gases by over 40 tons a year, the equivalent of continuous circulation of over 4 million vehicles, and will contribute to creating the basis for a more eco-friendly and innovative relaunching of tourism, a key sector in the Maltese economy.

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